Solid sodium methylate

1, Product name: Sodium methylate
2, Molecular formula: CH3NaO Molecular weight: 54.02

Index name Index Packing
Appearance white powdery crystal 10kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg bag, 20kg, 25kg cardboard drum or others
Assay 99%
Free alkali (NaOH)% ≤1.0%
Na2CO3 % ≤0.5%

in industry, it can be used in dye, pigment and intermediate: plastic (polymerization catalyst of alcohol, ester and nitrile; neutralizer in the production of polyolefine in fulling method); cosmetic and drug(vitamin, sulphonamide, hormone, flavor, edible flavor, essence; food oil and grease (ester group transfer catalyst); synthetic detergent (catalyst of foam stabilizer and emulsifier ); paint and varnish ( the modification of dry oil made of fatty acid ester).

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